Celebrating New Leadership, Our Nation's Independence, and a 4o Year Milestone!

Following a week off to celebrate our nation's independence, we heralded a new Rotary year as Rene Smith presided over his first meeting, recognized Jimmy Whaley's service as President this past centennial year, and congratulated Bill Dupree on 40 years as a Rotarian.

In a timely program for the Tuesday following the 4th of July, Mr. Randolph Russell shared with the club the importance of knowing U.S. History. In order to truly love this country, we must better understand and know the stories that formed it stating "you can't love what you don't know". He is the author of American History in No Time, which provides a collection of essential information everyone should know about American history. He topped off his presentation with "America the Beautiful" on saxophone.

Also, the club sends happy birthday wishes to Darryl Hawkins (7/1), Marion Franklin (7/4), Don Smith & Nichole Buchanan (7/10), and Courtney Brown (7/15). Congratulations to the following members and their spouses on their wedding anniversary: Barry & Tami Blount on July 9, and John & Barbara Watford on July 12.

Posted by Angela Smith
July 9, 2019