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1010Club Bylaws (2019)Bylaws for the Rotary Club of Americus, dated April 21, 2015Bylawspdf
1019Club Constitution (2019)This is the constitution of the Rotary Club of Americus. The framework document is created and updated by Rotary International. This version was downloaded from RI on 05/02/2019, and edited to include information specific to the Rotary Club of Americus. Text added to the RI framework document is highlighted in yellow.Constitutionpdf
1026Codicil to last will and testament benefiting the Rotary FoundationCodicil to amend a last will and testament for the benefit of the Rotary International FoundationPresidents, Presidents-Elect, Secretaries, Treasurers, Foundation ChairsLegacy, will, foundation, givingdocx
1027Legacy form for the Rotary Foundation Endowment (2019)Rotary Legacy Form for reporting to the RI Foundation that a bequest has been made through a will, living trust, retirement or insurance plan beneficiary designation, donor advised fund, charitable remainder trust, or other method. This form is also used to specify any restrictions on how the spending portion of the gift will be used.Presidents, Presidents-Elect, Secretaries, Treasurers, Foundation Chairsfoundation, bequest, will, beneficiary, donation, recognitionpdf
1042Rotary Club of Americus New Member Application (2020)The New Member Application is used as a guide for proposing new members and getting the necessary approvals for them to join the club.